“Nordic Legends The Game”- by Lost Treasures Galaxy

“Lost Treasures Galaxy The NFT- Game” by Lost Treasures Galaxy will be published on 8th April of 2022. In our NFT pvp trading card game you will be able to select 5 of your Nordic Legends cards to challenge an opponent in an epic duel.

You can choose one of your 7 attributes as the attacker to defeat the opponent and capture his card.

If your card has a better value than the opponent's card, you will win his NFT card! Otherwise, it is also possible that you will lose your card. So it is beneficial to rethink your strategy from game to game!
Demo of Nordic Legends Game
The winner of each round wins the card of the other player against which he set his card. These will be automatically transferred to and from the players wallets.

Important information: to join the game you will need a "Lost Treasures Galaxy Coin" or a "Nordic Legends Game Coin." The Lost Treasures Galaxy Coin will remain in the inventory after each game and will not be burned. The "Nordic Legends Game Coin" is burned after every single game.

Demo of Nordic Legends Game
Moreover, from the third quarter of 2022 onwards you will be able to equip your cards with further ingame items to increase their strength. Examples for these are the legendary sword “Mimungen” or the warmount “Falke”. Then, the cards can be optionally equipped with a booster or modification.

LTG Coin holders will receive one of these items for each LTG Coin they own for free as it is important to us to reward members of the community as soon as possible.

To make the wait more bearable you can stay informed of the development stages on our website or on our social media.

To make your team battle ready you can purchase your NFT cards here.

Have fun and good luck!
Demo of Nordic Legends Game