Available Now


Available Now
The limited Lost Treasures Galaxy Coin includes a few specials and attractive features. What makes this coin so exklusive you can find out now!
As you may have read in About Us, in every new season by Lost Treasures Galaxy a new, special NFT token will be available. The LTG-Coin is not only now limited but at no point in the future its mint-number will be changed. This way the coin will gain value as no new ones will be created. Those who seize the opportunity now and collect some Lost Treasures Galaxy coins will enjoy some special privileges.
Unlock your Treasure Hunt
With “Unlock your Hunt” you will be eligible for entry in our virtual treasure hunt. The quest and some hints are hidden within the season-coins and the NFTs of for example “Nordic Legends Season One”. The more LTG coins you own the more chances of entering the solution you will be given. This means: One LTG-Coin = One Solution. The treasure which you are tasked to find will always be historically connected to the theme of the NFT-releases.
Benefits of being a LTG-Coin Holder
For the LTG coins to stay interesting, coin holders can enjoy multiple events and quests, which will be released to them exclusively. LTG-Coin holders will automatically be entered into the treasure hunt. Non LTG-Coin holders will have to qualify for entry through raffles or have to purchase a LTG-Coin for themselves.
Special Rewards for LTG-Coin Holders
We will regularly be releasing further virtual and physical items, which you can win in multiple raffles. If you own multiple coins you will gain a greater chance to be entered into those and to win.
Your Ticket to special Events
The coin will open doors to multiple special events. These will include, but are not limited to, chats between Lost Treasures Galaxy and the LTG-Community, NFT-Presales and much more.
Claim your right of Participation
Being a LTG-Coin holder means One LTG-Coin = One Voice. This means your opinion matters for all major and minor decisions. You will get a vote as it is important to us to shape our galaxy together.
Multiple Free NFT Drops for LTG-Coin Owners
It is especially important to us to give something back to the community. For this reason we will be creating special NFTs which will only be presented to LTG-Coin holders. Items, coins, cards and other LTG-NFTs will, as part of the public releases, be gifted to a large part of the community for free.
Metaverse Galaxy
As Lost Treasures Galaxy is based on innovation we want to create the best and most interesting gameplay experience. This is why we are currently working on the Metaverse-Galaxy in which you will be able to discover unique planets and create your own place in the galaxy. To include the community and especially the LTG-Coin holders we will make exclusive discounts available for any items and places. We will keep you updated on the progress!
Pick up your LTG-Coin now
To enjoy all these privileges you can now pick up your own LTG-Coin here! We are looking forward to you becoming part of our growing community.