Even before Marvel and DC there were captivating heroic sagas like “The Saga of Beowulf”. Although the sagas origin is found in a Norse poem from the 5th and 6th centuries, it remains popular today. Both in movies, like The Legend of Beowulf with Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins, series like Star Trek and in computer games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the saga of Beowulf is thematized. The saga is of the protagonist Beowulf and his exciting and formidable battles against creatures such as troll-like monsters or fire-breathing dragons.

How does Beowulf cope with these challenging battles ? Will he succeed ? Take a look at the individual scenes.

The Nibelungen Saga

The Saga of the Nibelungs is an ancient and exciting story about the brave hero Siegfried and his wife Kriemhild. It originates from the Germanic Middle Ages of the 13th century and contains everything that an exciting and captivating story must entail. It contains the sinking romantic story of the marriage between the brave Siegfried and his wife Kriemhild. The course of the story leads to the epic death of Siegfried and the bloodthirsty revenge of his beloved Kriemhild.

Follow Kriemhild and Siegfried on his journey along the Rhine to southeastern Germany. But are you ready for this turbulent journey ?

The Swan Knight

The Swan Knight is an ancient German legend from the 13th century. This exciting saga is of the widow of Duke Gottfried of Brabant, who brings suit against the Duke of Saxony. The Duke of Saxony is the brother of Duke Gottfried. The reason for the lawsuit is that the Duke of Saxony has taken the Duchy of Brabant by force Read More...

The Gudrunlage

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Dietrich von Bern

Dietrich of Bern is one of the most famous legendary figures of the German middle ages. The legend of Dietrich of Bern is about Dietrich, who grew up as the king's son in the city of Bern and lived a life as king, marked by impressive conquests and battles. Dietrich of Bern had a master of arms named Hildebrand, who remained faithful and obedient at his side until old age. Read More...

Hans Fortunat Glückssäckel

The instructive and exciting story of Hans Fortunat Glückssäckel dates back to roughly the 16th century, however, it is still debated who the author is. At the core of this saga is the story of Hans, who lives in Cyprus with his family but leaves them again since he does not want to be dependent on their fortune. In order not to be a burden to his parents, Hans and Count Flanders set out on an exciting journey around the world, marked by adventures and some dangers. One day, however, he comes across a treasure. The Bag of Luck. In this story, you'll find out what it is all about and what the magic powers of the lucky bag are.

Herzog Ernst

"Herzog Ernst" was a legendary hero from the 11th century and held the position of a duke. He ruled over Austria and was known for his power and high reputation.His wife was named Adelheid and his son would be named after him. Duke Ernst died and his son was the only heir to the entire fiefdom. Emperor Otto, who was also a man of prestige, courted the late duke's widow.
Duke Ernst was threatened with the death penalty and had to fight bravely for his life. He knew danger could lurk anywhere.

Will he be able to survive and prevail as a hunted man ?


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Jring & Jrminfried

Once upon a time the wise and prudent King Jrminfried ruled over Thuringia. Nowadays it is estimated that the legendary King Jrminfried lived around the 5th century. He was known to possess great wisdom and was highly esteemed by the people of Thuringia. His wife was the beautiful daughter of the Frankish king Hugo. Her name was Amalaberga. King Hugo had no sons of his own, so he promised his legacy to the son of the maid named Teuderich. Jring was a friend of the king and close to the people. Amalaberga asked Jring to convince King Jrminfried that she was entitled to the inheritance. However, Jrminfried did not want to interfere in this matter. In fact, Teuderich became the heir to the throne after the death of the Frankish king Hugo. Amalaberga did not like this at all.

Young Siegfried

The story of the boy Siegfried of Xanten tells about the career of the world-famous hero. It quickly became apparent that Siegfried was not like the others his age. The story of Siegfried is a legend because he is one of the few known heroic figures to be both a dragon and giant slayer. What he did and what made him so special, you will now learn in the story "Young Siegfried" from the series of Nordic Legends !

Stay tuned and witness an unforgettable journey !

King Hagen

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King Rother

King Rother was the ruler of the Lombard Empire in the year 1150. King Rother was a highly respected man in his kingdom and was hailed as a hero. There was only one thing the king lacked... and that was a faithful wife by his side. So he set out to find the woman of his dreams and had many legendary adventures along the way. Will he find the woman of his dreams ?


The legend of Ortnit is about the incredible King Ortnit, who ruled over the Longobard country. But he had a dilemma. He lacked a suitable wife at his side. He set out to find her and embarked on a difficult adventure with both magical and romantic elements. Will Ortnit find his happiness ?


In the story about the title hero Parzival, the adventures are told by the main character Parzival. The story Parzival is nowadays described as one of the most important and significant works of the Middle Ages. The captivating saga centers on the search for the Holy Grail. Parzival himself is the son of Gahmuret, the most powerful and famous knight of his time. As Parzival undergoes an evolution from jester to Grail king. Sections worth reading await you !


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The Berend Fock

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Walther & Hildegunt

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The legend "Wieland'' comes from Germanic mythology and is about the blacksmith Wieland. This blacksmith appears as a semi-divine being in this heroic saga and undertakes unusual adventures. Among other things, he forged himself a feather dress, with which he had the ability to fly, a sword, which was the sharpest of all known swords and many other things.
What exciting adventures he has with these magical objects you will learn in the series "Nordic Legends".

Wolf Dietrich

Wolf Dietrich is the title and main character of a mystical medieval legend. Approximately, the saga was written around 1250, but the author remains unknown to this day. This saga is also very special, as it includes a dragon fight, as well as many other extraordinary adventures.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Nordic Legends now! the next.