About Us

We at Lost Treasures Galaxy are obsessed with the treasures of long gone times. This includes especially the art created during these periods. Because of this conviction you can expect the highest artistic quality from us as you can see in our first Release “Nordic Legends Season One”.

The Galaxy - we call it the Meta Galaxy - will become part of the Metaverse. Within it, every release will get its own place and you will be able to enter it in the virtual world.

Since our NFTs are not only beautiful collectibles you can of course play with them in a virtual card game which is playable on our website.

Each themed story gets its own NFT game at Lost Treasures Galaxy. Therefore our first game is called "Nordic Legends The Game" which you can play right now!

In this game, you are able to play online against other people and win their cards. You can find more information on the game and its rules under “Lost Treasures Galaxy The NFT-Game”

We will also introduce the "Lost Treasures Galaxy Rewards Program" in the future, in which you can invest your LTG- Coins and claim rewards like NFT- items, NL- Coins etc.

It is our stated goal to enter the NFT-Gaming scene and create concepts which, up until now, were not considered before and we are here to stay. You can not “only” enter the Meta Galaxy, collect exclusive NFTs and play with them, but you will become an important part of the growing community.

The symbol of our community is the Lost Treasures Galaxy Coin. This coin will enable you to take part in exclusive contests, presales and many more exciting events. The number of coins is absolutely limited to 100.000 and at no point will more of them be created.

With each new season a new season coin will be released. This way there will not only be new artistic treasures but there will also be a new and exciting virtual treasure hunt with amazing rewards. For important hints in these hunts you should follow us on Social Media.

The quest itself and the most important hints can be found within the season coin and the NFTs of this season. The treasure is always associated closely with the historic theme of the season. To find out more about what we have planned for the future, check out our Roadmap.